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MetaRNA is a European research-training network, in which young researcher will do their PhD, and thereby will be excellently prepared for the future academic or industrial job market.

PhD students in the network will do exciting science at the interface between RNA biology and metabolism. We will develop RNA-based molecular sensors, with which we can probe cellular metabolism at the single cell level. Such capability will allow us to address important problems in diseases and biotechnology, where increasing evidence suggests that metabolic cell-to-cell heterogeneity is a key problem.

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  • Final Post 3 September 2019
    MetaRNA has come to an end. The MetaRNA fellows received an excellent education at their institutions and are now ready for new challenges in academia and industry. At this occasion, the fellows would like to thank their advisors and the European Commission for excellent support.

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Projects with a focus on RNA, aptamers, riboswitches:

Using latest insights and technology from the RNA field, we will develop molecular RNA-based sensors for metabolite. We will exploit computational design, robotics-assisted SELEX, MS-based biophysical aptamer characterization, …

Projects with a focus on

We will exploit the developed molecular sensors to push metabolic research to the single cell level. Fundamental and cancer-relevant questions will be addressed also with approaches from systems biology.

Projects with a biotechnological focus:

We will harbor the potential of RNA-based sensor for biotechnological application. In collaboration with industry partners, we will open up new avenues for the development and improvement of cell factories.