Prof. Roel Bovenberg

After a study in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology in Leiden and Utrecht (PhD) to satisfy my fascination and curiosity how biology works at the molecular level, I joined the industrial biotechnology company Gist-brocades (Delft, since ‘98 part of DSM) to learn how problems are solved in an industrial setting with a special interest in antibiotics and (filamentous) fungi. Since 2008 I’m part-time connected to the University of Groningen as honorary professor in synthetic biology and cell engineering. This dual affiliation helps me to stay at the front of novel scientific developments, while students get a flavor of industrial problems and approaches.

About our lab

Our company lab in Delft hosts an experienced group of scientists and technicians involved in engineering a range of microbial strains for various products and production processes. The majority is Dutch, but with a good mix of internationals, students doing interns and close interaction with the university of Groningen where part of the research will be done. The lab culture is to get things done by individuals taking initiatives and by collaboration in multi-disciplinary teams, typically using both traditional and modern tools for breeding, engineering and characterization of microbial strains.

More information about our lab

About the project

Project 15: we would like to explore the possibilities and opportunities RNA based sensors could offer to facilitate microbial screening and strain construction. The project will be part of the WP3 program. Based on a good overview of the current status of the field we would like to develop specifically biosensors for acetyl-CoA flux measurements in fungi related to industrial relevant product pathways.